Things got a little busy.

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Duncan Gazette Police Blotter:

After a couple of quiet days at Christmas, due to everyone being with family and sharing presents, food and time together, it seems like some people got tired of being around family and friends and being so nice. Things got a little busy.

Friday: Officer Dodd, who was passing through the Big City while off duty, happened to spot a subject at one of our convenience stores who he recognized as having two outstanding warrants with us. He contacted the on duty officer, who served the papers and gave her a place to spend the night. Officers from the Big City also assisted officers from a neighboring jurisdiction with a fight in progress call…twice. Officer Happy made an arrest for Simple Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia after a guy made an illegal U turn in front of the truck stops. Those signs that are right up there on the wire beside the red lights that look like a big upside down U with an arrow, circled in red with a red line through it means that you can’t do that. There’s, like, three of them. We also had several domestic calls of various types, but none were violent. One mom was mad at her grown son and his girlfriend for making a mess in her house. She was expecting more company, and did not appreciate the extra work. The grown son and his girlfriend left, giving mom some peace while she cleaned up after them. Another traffic stop for an expired tag and no insurance resulted in citations and the vehicle being towed.

Saturday: There was a flood at the local laundromat. The fire department came and temporarily shut down the business until we were able to contact the manager and get it taken care of. We also had a call for a subject with some mental issues that was transported by EMS to get her some help.

Sunday: We had a family whose pickup broke down in the roadway on E. Main. A wrecker that was passing by offered to move their truck into the Pilot parking lot. He didn’t charge them. He was a Good Samaritan that night. We had another traffic stop where the driver’s license was under suspension. His tag was also suspended for cancelation of insurance, and of course, the car was still uninsured. It kind of makes us wonder about the amount of people that are driving around with uninsured vehicles, with the number that we are coming into contact with lately. Some tractor trailer drivers must have decided that the McDonalds parking lot was overflow for the truck stops last night. When the manager asked them to remove their trucks, they refused. Enter our hero, Officer Nugget, who quoted them the trespass law. They moved their trucks.

We received a call for an attempted suicide that came close to being a success. The lady that called was concerned about a girl who texted her about ending her life. Officers went to the residence, but could not get the young lady to the door. Due to the text message, the landlord let officers into the residence. They found her locked in the bathroom, unconscious due to an overdose. EMS responded. Because someone took her text seriously, a life was saved. This lady is a hero. Listen to what your family and friends are saying. If there are warning signs, get them some help.

And, finally, we were called to one of our convenience stores because a guy had pointed a firearm at someone in the parking lot of the store. Before the officer could arrive, we had a second call for a motor vehicle accident not far away. It seems this guy, in his hurry to get out of the Big City after pointing a gun at someone (he knew we were coming for him), crashed his car. At the conclusion of the investigation, after his car was towed away, our hero took this guy to 950 California Avenue where he had time to contemplate his actions. This guy….

Ah…the holidays. We hope that yours were fun and that Santa brought you what you wanted. Please be safe as you prepare for the New Year. We hope that you won’t have to see us. We are out and about.


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