The holiday season is in full swing

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The holiday season is in full swing, which also means that there are more motor vehicle accidents, and crimes. In two separate incidents on Monday, officers served 7 outstanding bench warrants. One guy was located at a residence, while the other guy decided to get himself pulled over for a traffic violation while riding through the Big City on a suspended license. They were both welcomed with open arms at 950 California Avenue. We also had a guy get bailed out for Simple Possession of Marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges by his mom, which saved him a trip to that same popular location. Hmmm…thanks Mom?

On Wednesday, officers responded to four different accidents. One was very minor, and the drivers elected to not have a report. We had three others that were severe enough that vehicles had to be towed from the scenes, and one of those involved injuries. One of these drivers was also driving on a suspended drivers license with a suspended tag. Another drove into a light pole in a residential area.

A note to those who (lately) have decided to “park” late at night in the parking lots of closed businesses, parks, and schools: we patrol properties in the Big City to make sure they are secure. This means if you decide to meet up with a boyfriend or girlfriend for a little romance, we are probably going to have to interrupt. Although we realize that this method of dating is cheaper than dinner and a movie, it’s just not safe. The same goes for those who think parking lots are great places to meet with friends to share a blunt or do a little underage adult beverage consumption. Not only does this carry potential embarrassment, but it could also result in a trip to You Know Where, or a call to parents. Our Third Watch guys know all the “cool spots” better than you do, and you’ll probably get caught.

Please remember that the 14th Annual Blood Drive to honor Trooper Eric Nicholson is tomorrow, December 5th. If you are able, go give them a pint. Locations are listed here on our page.

Like delicious Duke’s Mayonaise, traffic will be thick (but not as smooth) for the next three weeks, or so. Please drive safely, and watch out for the bad/aggressive/impatient drivers around you. We will be out and about.


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