Police Blotter January 6-11, 2015

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Police Blotter January 6-11, 2015

Hitting the highlights of the past few days, we had the following occurrences: Officers worked an MVA at E. Main Street and Hadden Avenue where a vehicle pulled out of a driveway and struck another car, causing said car to go down an embankment. Fortunately, the car did not overturn. We had a guy try to give Officer Nugget the slip when he turned around on a car for speeding. The guy took off up a gravel driveway off US 29 and tried to hide, but our sharp eyed officer never lost sight of him. The guy was charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Speeding, and Driving Under Suspension. He was given a ride to California Avenue. We had another person that was sighted for Driving Under Suspension and Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle after our sharp eyed officer noticed that he was driving on a suspended tag.

Officers responded to an MVA where a vehicle attempted to cross South Main Street from the parking lot of one business to the parking lot of another which was on the other side of the road. Unfortunately, a car was coming at the time. No injuries were reported. Officers also had to take care of a person that had been trespassed from a business. He just could not seem to stay away…so he was taken to You Know Where. We also had several alarm calls at various locations, possibly due to the weather, and there were some short power outages in the area.

We were asked by our colleagues with the Sheriff’s Office to help them locate a subject that they had warrants for. Our investigator located him after he switched vehicles and tried to get out of town. A chase ensued down Duncan Reidville Road. Unfortunately for this guy, a tractor trailer rig was attempting a right turn onto Plemmons Road as he rounded the curve. He skidded into the back of the trailer and then attempted to pass it on the left, sideswiped a pickup truck, and then struck the guardrail. No one was injured except for the guy that was fleeing, due to him not wearing a seatbelt. You would think that if you were going to run from the police, you would want to wear your seatbelt. He was taken to get a few stitches, and was then given a place to relax and think about his actions. We also had court proceedings that day. We had one that was taken to 950 California Avenue for Contempt of Court. It seems this guy thought it would be okay to go before the judge and plead his case while highly intoxicated.

We recovered a stolen vehicle that possibly involves insurance fraud, and took a report for a couple of stolen laptops. Our investigator is working on these cases. We had an MVA on E. Main Street and Rogers Bridge Road with no injuries and no vehicles having to be towed.

We had a couple of calls over the weekend for people shooting fireworks. Please be advised that New Year’s Day ended over a week ago, and it is not okay to continue to fire off your left over fireworks. It is against the law to shoot fireworks within the Big City. We had a lady who accidentally locked her vehicle while removing her groceries. Unfortunately, her two small children were in the car at the time. We responded, along with the fire department, who unlocked the car. Everyone was fine.

We had two more incidents where arrests were made for Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle and Driving Under Suspension. One came after a gal was stopped for making the infamous illegal U turn up by the Interstate. I am guessing that these people must be thinking: “why get insurance if I don’t have a license”? SMH…. Officers got out with a couple of teenagers in the parking lot of Byrnes High School. It seems that they had decided it was a good idea to see whose truck was the faster of the two, utilizing the parking lot for the test. They both lost. Moms and dads were called. We prefer that all tests are taken within the classroom during school hours.

It is January (my least favorite month), which means the weather is either cold and sunny, or cold and rainy. Drive safely, and have a good week. We will be out and about.


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