Maybe it’s the extra gravitational pull of the moon.

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If you ever talk to a police officer, EMT, Paramedic, or emergency room nurse around the time of a full moon, you may hear them say something about them being extra busy during this time period. There are not any scientific studies, that I know of, to actually back this up, but it does seem to be true. Maybe it’s the extra gravitational pull of the moon. Maybe it’s just that people can see better at night.

Friday, January 2, 2015: We had a moped attempt to get onto the Interstate from SC 290. When the driver realized that he inadvertently was getting on a controlled access highway, he attempted to turn around, hit a pothole, and crashed his moped. It had to be towed. Officers assisted Highway Patrol with traffic control due to a Tractor Trailer fire on the Interstate. We worked another MVA at one of our regular spots at E. Main Street and the I-85 on ramp. We had a call to one of our residential areas for an attempted break in to a residence. It ended up being the resident of the home, who was locked out, trying to get in. It seems she couldn’t get her live-in boyfriend to wake up to open the door for her (he had been drinking). When officers got him to the door, he became upset due to the police having been called. His girlfriend wisely decided to spend the rest of the night at one of our hotel suites in another part of town. Officers from the Big City also assisted our neighbors in Lyman with a couple of disturbance calls of their own.

Saturday and Sunday, January 3 and 4, 2015: Heavy. Rain. We were getting ready to break out the waders and paddles. We did have a vandalism call that a girl broke out the glass of the front door of a rental house. She replaced the glass, so the landlord did not press charges. Officers also responded to the parking lot of the Subway for another vandalism to the back glass of a car, but the incident location was actually in the county. It was handled by the Sheriff’s Office. We had a larceny of an A/C unit. Our investigator is working on that one. We had another MVA at (you guessed it) E. Main Street and I-85. One person was transported by EMS with minor injuries.

Monday, January 5, 2014: We had an alarm call at a residence, but officers found it secure. Officers worked a motor vehicle accident with injuries on Danzler Road at New Cut Street (beside Byrnes High School’s baseball field). There were three vehicles involved, with one overturned. Sgt. Watson stopped a car with a teenaged driver for speeding 94/60 mph zone. Not only was the driver intoxicated, but he had a handgun in the driver’s door pocket. The driver was also charged with Underage Possession of an Alcoholic Beverage and having an Open Container of Alcoholic Beverage. His car was towed and we gave him a courtesy ride to California Avenue in Spartanburg. Officers also handled a disturbance at one of our hotels, and did a standby to prevent a disturbance at a residence so a lady could get her belongings. Officer Nugget located a missing juvenile for the Sheriff’s Office at one of our apartment complexes. They returned her to her mother.

There were several other calls throughout the day and night of various types. Yes, it’s the full moon. We wish you a safe and productive week.


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