It’s been a nice, quiet holiday weekend here in the Big City

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It’s been a nice, quiet holiday weekend here in the Big City…just the way we like it. We hope everyone enjoyed time with family and friends, and that your team(s) won if you have been watching football. We give a hearty high five to the Clemson Tigers, who won their game. About half of our residents are happy about this. The same goes for our officers. Even so, everyone had a good time and behaved themselves. Our officers did get a little busy once the game was over. We had a call where two gals had a disagreement that got a little physical. We do not believe it had anything to do with the game, though. We also had a couple of people get cited for driving without a drivers license. Please go take the test. It’s really not that hard.

Tomorrow is the first day of December. It is also Monday, and the start of a new work week. School is back in session, so we ask that you give yourself a little extra time getting to work. Traffic will be extremely heavy for the next three weeks.

Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your day! None of my teams have played well this season. I’m thinking of flipping over to the Hallmark Channel to help me feel better….


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