It’s another cold, rainy, dreary day in the Big City

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It’s another cold, rainy, dreary day in the Big City, which means many will be out shopping on this Saturday. Which also means that traffic will be heavy and road conditions will be less than ideal. We only have one accident to report from yesterday, which means y’all did pretty well, considering the conditions.

We had an incident at the high school yesterday (in case you missed it on the local news) where a student made a threat against some other students and the facility. Our school resource officers quickly removed him from the premises, and patrols were increased on the campus for the rest of the day. Through investigation, it was determined that the student did not have the means to actually carry out the threat, but District Five Schools, and your police department take these matters very seriously. The school district acted swiftly in notifying us, which made it possible for us to act swiftly and nip the situation in the bud. The District also notified the families of all students through a program they have in place in the event of such incidents. Kudos to District Five for their swift response.

Sgt. Mathis was able to locate a guy that we had bench warrants on. This individual was able to pay his fines without having to make the trip to 950 California Avenue. You would think that if you knew you had outstanding warrants due to missing court, and you had the fine money on hand, you would just go ahead and take care of it. This would alleviate officers having to come and knock on your door…and potential gossip for the neighbors.

Officers responded last night to one of our convenience stores for a dispute between the clerk and a customer. Seems that the customer was attempting to purchase some adult refreshment, and when the clerk asked her for her ID, she became irate at said clerk for doing her job. In fact, she became so incensed that the clerk was doing her job properly that she raked the merchandise off the counter and stormed out of the store. Our officers were able to locate the customer a short time later, and she has been trespassed from the business. The amazing thing is that none of the bottles were damaged when they hit the floor! Now…I am not saying that the merchandise was placed back into the coolers…but can you imagine someone coming in shortly thereafter, purchasing those same beverages, and then popping the top? Fizz City.

Enjoy your weekend! We will be out and about.


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