Have you ever been spat on?

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I’m hoping that’s never been the case. Unfortunately, as police officers, we sometimes have to deal with spitters. We had a disturbance call yesterday where a young female (sorry, but I cannot refer to her as a lady) decided to do just that. After showing officers her “wild side” (which is why we got the call in the first place), she was placed into custody, which did nothing to slow her down. After attempting to kick the window out in the patrol car, which was unsuccessful, she then decided to spit in the face of our officer. Thankfully, our alert investigator saw it coming and was able to warn him in time. Our officer was able to turn his head just enough where her “projectile” struck his hat instead of his face. Nasty. As you can probably deduce, she is now residing at 950California Avenue. In a separate incident, we also had three that were charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia.

Our investigator was able to obtain 2 felony warrants for forgery on a check fraud case he had been working on, and the final warrant was served for some stolen iPads. To top off the day, we also had municipal. It may be interesting to note that the majority of the people we dealt with yesterday were females, who can be just a dangerous as any guys.

We hope everyone enjoys their weekend. The weather is supposed to be good. In the meantime, we will be out and about.


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