Good rainy Monday!

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Good rainy Monday! The Break-In/Steal Stuff Season is upon us, and it looks like we are off to an early start. There were several car break-ins over in the Reidville area of the county, just down the road a piece. Please make sure that you do not leave valuables in your cars and trucks over night, and make sure that your vehicles are locked. I should’nt have to remind people to not leave their keys in their cars, but I know people who still do this. We had a motorcycle and utility trailer stolen from our jurisdiction this weekend. We will be increasing our presence in our residential neighborhoods and attempt to keep the Christmas thievery to a minimum.

We had two gals and a guy who won a trip to 950 California Avenue. These trips are not “all expenses paid”, however. You would think that if you did not have a drivers license, had a suspended tag on your car, and had marijuana, open liquor and paraphernalia in your car, you would try to be as discreet as possible when driving through the Big City. This guy elected to drive through at 90 mph. This guy….

There were also a couple of crashes to report, and a couple of miscellaneous calls for service. We had one of our officers flagged down by an elderly lady who stated that there was a pig running loose in the area of the meat market. This is a smart pig. We wish Wilbur the best in his quest for freedom.


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