End of 2014 Duncan Gazette Blotter

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End of 2014 Duncan Gazette Blotter

The Day before the Day before New Year’s Eve: Officers were called to one of our apartment complexes due to a tenant, who was being evicted, arguing with the management. The ex-tenant decided it was best to get her things and leave voluntarily. Some juveniles from one part of town went to a different part of town and were hanging around some of the residents’ cars. A young couple decided to have some fun with them by trying to scare them. The kids ran home and told their mom, who called us. It involved a football and a BB gun. No one was injured, and the BB gun was not pointed at anyone.

The Day before New Year’s Eve: Sergeant Watson worked a motor vehicle accident (MVA) where the driver forgot to properly secure his vehicle. In other words, the car was moving, but there wasn’t a driver. In this case, a guy was gassing up his car at a local convenience store. When he went in to pay, the car left the scene. He found it shortly thereafter against a tree with about $2500 in damages. This is the third MVA this month in the Big City where cars without drivers caused accidents. I cannot remember this happening since, like, 1988 or ’89. Please make sure that when you park your car, it is all the way in park. If you are extra talented, and drive a stick, make sure you use your E-brake. More trouble involving 18 wheelers at Mickey D’s. This time, we had one hit the sign (see the weekend Blotter). We also had a Failure to Yield Right of Way accident at E. Main Street and I-85. If you need to make a left turn to get on the Interstate, please make sure that you can make it across. East Main is now around 9 lanes wide at I-85, with extra lanes having recently been added where there used to be a median. This was done to help accommodate the heavy traffic. We had another disturbance at a different apartment complex between a guy and a gal. She was upset that he wasn’t helping her around the dwelling. He stated she snatched his cell phone from him. What possibly could make you more mad? The guy left for the evening, which means he still didn’t help around the apartment.

New Year’s Eve: The last day of 2014 started out with another pill overdose where a gal took 50 prescription sleeping pills. Officers were able to actually get her to respond to them. EMS was called to the scene and she was transported. Officers attempted to locate a subject for a neighboring city. They had received word that he was in the Big City, but we were unable to locate him. He has 9 outstanding warrants for his arrest. We then had a call for a young man cutting himself. When officers arrived, he told them that he wanted to harm himself. He was also transported by EMS to get some help. Then it was lunch time. Another MVA occurred at the intersection of SC 292 and North Spencer. Both vehicles had to be towed. That evening, Sergeant Watson stopped a car to write a warning for driving with only one headlight. He ended up with a Simple Possession of Marijuana charge, and capturing one for a warrant out of Greenville County. This guy got to ring in the New Year at 950 California Avenue. They did not serve champaign at midnight. Officer Nugget assisted a motorist who had broken down in a lane of traffic on I-85. He was able to push her car out of traffic. The car was out of gas…. A couple had a very public verbal argument in the parking lot of one of our hotels. Guys, it’s a hotel. People will hear you. They will call us.

I am very pleased to announce that no one in the Big City was taken into custody for drunk driving. Thank you for being smart and not chancing it.

We opened this page in September, and we appreciate all of you who are following us. We went over 1000 “likes” before the end of the year. We wish you a safe and prosperous New Year!


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