East Main Street (SC290) was shut down for about four hours

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The big news from yesterday was, of course, East Main Street (SC290) being shut down for about four hours due to a tractor trailer breaking down while in the process of making a left turn from the northbound exit ramp of I-85. The result was the blocking of numerous lanes of traffic. The truck also lost fuel and other fluids, which meant that an environmental cleanup crew had to be dispatched to the scene due to the size of the spill. All this, of course, occurred during rush hour traffic, and effectively backed up traffic throughout the area. We would like to thank our comrades with Wellford PD for helping us with traffic direction, and the Highway Patrol for assisting us with working a few crashes in the area during the big shutdown.

Officer Gillespie made a traffic stop over on US 29 that netted two guys with outstanding warrants. One had warrants from the Big City, and the other was wanted by both Greer and Wellford. We would like to thank these two for riding together last night and saving us some work tracking them down.

We had a guy try to pass some funny money this morning at the Dollar General, but it was caught by an alert cashier. This was a twenty dollar bill, which is probably the most counterfeited denomination. If you are working in retail, please check bills coming into your businesses. As a customer, it would be a good idea to check any $$ returned to you as change from a purchase as well.

The weather has been pretty great here for this time of year, but please be cautious when out on the highways. We will be out and about.


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