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Due to circumstances beyond my control (work), it’s been awhile since I have been able to get the local news out to everyone. In the next couple of days, I will attempt to catch you up. So…without further ado….

Duncan Gazette Police Blotter

Duncan Officers assisted our brethren at the Sheriff’s Office with locating and cornering a guy that was involved in a foot chase with officers. He was located behind one of our hotels at about 3:30 AM by one of the county’s K-9 units. This guy was wanted out of the Sunshine State. We were called to one of our apartment complexes due to a gal thinking that her medication was stolen. The medication was located inside of her residence. One of our K-9 units assisted the Highway Patrol with a traffic stop out on the Interstate. They located about 2 ½ ounces of marijuana, which makes the charge Possession with Intent to Distribute, and a guaranteed trip to 950 California Avenue. An officer caught yet another driver that was driving on a suspended license, and officers worked an MVA on N. Danzler at SC 290. There were no injuries. We also had an MVA with an injury on US 29.

Officers from the Big City responded to assist our neighbors with a call at a business where a naked man with a rifle was allegedly in the store. This ended up being a false call (thankfully). Officers from Duncan and Wellford assisted Lyman with a call for a man with a gun that had threatened an employee in a restaurant. This was not a false call. When officers arrived, the guy was located sitting in a locked vehicle in the parking lot. Officers were able to get him to unlock one of the doors. When the officers asked him to step out, this guy reached under the seat for the pistol. Officers were able to control him and get the pistol from him…which ended up being a BB gun. This guy had painted the red tip black so that it looked like the real McCoy. So…what officers are dealing with these days is some people are painting the red tips of toy guns to black to make them look real, and others are painting the tips of real guns red to make them appear to be toys. It can be pretty tricky to make a split second decision, especially in low light or no light situations. In this case, officers were able to take the guy into custody without further incident.

We received a call for a reported stolen vehicle that was actually picked up by the Repo Man. This happens. Cars ain’t free. You gotta make those payments. We had a call for a gal having mental issues. She was transported by EMS to get some assistance.

We assisted with a call that began in Wellford with a guy and a gal arguing at an apartment. They left the apartment and came to a street over our way. When the gal tried to leave, the guy thought it would be a good idea to try to stop her by holding onto the car. He lost, and sustained some pretty nice cuts and bruises. Real life is not like the movies. When you try to stop a moving car, you get hurt.

Sgt. Watson made a traffic stop on a car with no tail lights. The driver got a warning. The passenger, however, had marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He ended up with a couple of citations and a trip up to the Hotel California. We had a Criminal Domestic Violence at one of our apartment complexes where a guy assaulted his girlfriend. It became a CDV due to them having a baby together. Warrants have been signed. We also worked three MVA’s with no injuries.

We had a mentally disturbed subject jump off the bus at one of the truck stops. He then proceeded to run from the cops when they attempted to deal with him. Officer Dodd was able to catch up with him at the service department at the other truck stop across the street from where this adventure began. He was transported by EMS. Officer Dodd was awarded the gold medal in the 400 meters.

Officer Nugget arrested a guy for Public Drunk and Disorderly after he was observed staggering around barefoot in 44 degree weather. After the arrest it was learned that this guy had demolished a house (inside and out) in the county. We let the Sheriff’s Office know that he was waiting for their arrival over on California Avenue.

We have had a greater than normal amount of motor vehicle accidents in the past week, or so. Some have been parking lot bump ups, but several have been on the roadways with vehicles having to be towed away, and a couple of people injured. Please drive safely while visiting the Big City. Our G-men will be out and about.


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