8 Ounce Cans of Beans and Corn

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I have seen where a lot of people on the ol’ Facebook page this past week have been sharing an article about a school principal in Alabama wanting the kids to bring 8 ounce cans of beans and corn to keep in their classrooms to hurl at an intruder, if one were to gain entry. I give this principal props for trying to take a proactive approach to protect the children she has been entrusted with. I enjoyed reading all the comments about this, too. Some were hilarious. One guy suggested that maybe they should just serve the intruder the school lunch, and that would take care of him. Another called it the ultimate food fight. But lets look at this a little more closely….

What we are talking about here, is an active shooter scenario. It is a known fact that these people are usually heavily armed, and that their “mission” is well planned. One thing that is not included in their plan, though, is an escape plan. In most cases, the shooter goes to the location he has chosen to try to kill as many as he can and then usually takes his own life, unless someone gets to him first to stop the carnage. We train for these situations on a regular basis. Schools have protocol in place to deal with it. But the intruder also has a plan. If an intruder enters a school, everyone will know it fairly quickly, and lock down will commence. But what if he does gain entry into a classroom with thirty or so kids in there. I say let them heave some cans. Maybe this will cause him to back out the door. Eight ounces is a half a pound. Can you imagine thirty eight ounce cans coming at you? And if he tries to reenter, hit him with another round. It sounds weird, but anything to slow an intruder down may save lives.

Here’s an idea: why not quit putting their names all over the news? when a situation of this magnitude takes place, it is all over the news, nationwide. Reporters try to get every detail of the intruder’s life to share with their audience. These people, who are often mentally disturbed, know this. Are they attempting to become posthumously famous? Would these situations decrease if they suddenly became anonymous? How about focusing on the victims instead of the perpetrators.

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